IBSNC has several regular activities and offerings:

Grants for IB teachers & schools

IBSNC offers at least three $500 grants per year to IB member schools for special projects and materials. Grant applications are reviewed by the IBSNC Board based on how the proposed project will impact students and how it will benefit both students and the greater community. Grants are generally awarded in the fall of each school year, and the grant application can be accessed here and submitted via email to ibschoolsofnc@gmail.com.

Scholarships for IB seniors

The Wynn Cherry Memorial Scholarship honors the work and vision of Dr. Wynn Cherry, a former Diploma Programme coordinator at Broughton Magnet High School in Raleigh and president of the IB Schools of North Carolina.

The Wynn Cherry Scholarship of $500 will be awarded each year to three graduating seniors from IB schools in North Carolina who exemplify the spirit of the IB and of Wynn Cherry through their commitment to International Mindedness, the IB Learner Profile and the IB Mission Statement.  Students will be nominated and recommended by their CP or DP coordinator (or designee), will submit the scholarship application, and will be chosen from across North Carolina – one from each of the eastern, central and western regions of the state.

Professional Development

IBSNC offers informal professional development for coordinators through:

  • semi-annual membership meetings which include content presentations and time for cross-school collaboration
  • frequent “Lunch and Learn” sessions that take place virtually and are organized by programme (PYP, MYP, and DP/CP). These sessions are led by the programme managers, members of the IBSNC Board.